2011 Holiday Card

I wanted to challenge myself. So I was working with reflection and particles. It was a great challenge as I learned a lot. But the prime focus was to create a Holiday Card for Dukane, this will be sent out through the email to all the customer both local and worldwide.

Was made in 3D Studio Max and composited in After Effects

3 thoughts on “2011 Holiday Card

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  2. Jon created this card on short notice. It followed on the theme of a card he created for us last year, which was our first use of a an electronic Holiday card vs the traditional cards we had previously used. The electronic card from last year genervated several hundred hits on our website directly attributable to the e-card. From this website activity, we had several which led to further activity with the customer. Previously we sent out traditional Christmas cards with no idea whether they were received and any follow-on interest that they may have generated.

    We expect to get a similar response this year, plus we can send out the greeting to everyone in our database which would be very difficult to do with a real card, and the the cost of the e-card, we would only be able to send cards to about 5% of the people we were able to reach with the e-card.

    You can see this card plus last year’s card on our YouTube channel “DukaneUltrasonics”

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