About 3dmedium


2011 Holiday Card

I wanted to challenge myself. So I was working with reflection and particles. It was a great challenge as I learned a lot. But the prime focus was to create a Holiday Card for Dukane, this will be sent out through the email to all the customer both local and worldwide.

Was made in 3D Studio Max and composited in After Effects

Linear Vibration Welder

An updated look to the Linear Vibration Welder.  The animation is for training purposes and also to give sales people an edge when talking to clients that don’t know a lot of information about the product they need to put their products together.

Dukane Logo is a trademark of Dukane.

Pulse Energy: 3D cityscape

As a member of a three person team consisting of myself, a User Experience specialist and a Graphics Designer, I created a 3D cityscape for use in a touch screen kiosk.  We delivered under extremely tight timelines with rapid iterations to ensure the project was ready for an important trade show and demonstration by senior executives.

I created the 3D buildings of Charlotte, NC used in this promotional video and for the kiosks deployed to all the major downtown buildings. There were several iterations including animations from different perspectives but in the end the customer liked the still version looking directly at the city skyline. [ask for password]


Image Manipulation

Above are all the parts of the image to the left, a co-works daughter in the photo was a huge fan of the Chicago Bulls Player from 2006. This was a short but fun project that I completed for my co-worker as a gift for his daughter.
Brother was in Chicago Marathon Race, the image to the left was a joke to him that he was in the lead pack with Kenya runners. He is runner with American Flag short, I included the other guy because the leader had his head turned like there was someone passing him. The images above are the source files for the image to the left. The 4th image (bottom right) was reference on how wide the road was and where the yellow line are at.
My friend was taking pictures of his cousin on his skateboard. I found the images for a background which made him looking to do a more technical trick.
The image to the left was created from the image above, this image was used in a MMO for a court house that I created, the doors leading to the courthouse had a display box on it. This image made it as you where looking into the building.
The image to the left was the original image. I was asked to fix any scratches and take the flash fall off out as well as brighten up the image. This is what you see to the right.

2007 Demo Reel

models were made with 3D Studio Max, normal maps where made with Photoshop Plug-In, composite with After Effects

The Zorr was set up on Unreal Skeleton, Evangelion Unit 1 was model in Maya and Imported in Max, Clean up was so bad I re model half of the model over again. Rasor Light Tank and Duster where setup to be vehicles in Unreal