Demo Reel

3D Studio Max, Photoshop, After Effects

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Past demo reels

Shot Breakdown List

iPhone 4 scene: modeled and textured

Bose Companion 5 scene: modeled and textured

iPhone 3GS scene: modeled and textured

The following scenes were done for Aristatek, inc.

Railroad tracks scene: train track modeled, textured, animated, remodeled the engine, modeled some of the buildings and assets in the city

Train crashing scene: remodeled and textured engine, hopper, tanker and well cars, composite shot

Train cars colliding scene: composite shot, color corrected gas, and layered the second wave of gas

Overhead of train scene: composite shot, animated cloud

Inside cab scene: modeled and textured the inside of the cab, did all the animations except camera, fine-tuned the deformation on the rig and how it affected the mesh, lit the cab, and screen captured program on computer

Cab shot 2 scene: animated man with binoculars

Looking through binoculars scene: composite shot, animated the gas, and the blur effect, modeled and textured the cars

Computer scene: modeled the computer, captured the program, composite shot

Cab shot 3 scene: animated man on radio

Outside of cab scene: animated man getting out of cab and walking to the front, modeled the door to fit the existing outer mesh (red hazmat truck), and also modeled the cab to fit inside of the red hazmat vehicle